• Data Logging Applications

    Here are just a few examples of where and how Grant data loggers are being used.


    Through process monitoring of temperature for QA purposes in the paint and powder coating industries.

    Food processing

    Monitoring cooking, pasteurization, chilling and freezing temperature within the food industry.

    General research

    Short and long term data capture of a variety of physical parameters in scientific and industrial research projects.

    Monitoring in buildings

    Monitoring temperature and humidity in public and commercial buildings such as museums, galleries, stately homes, and warehouses.


    Monitoring various physical parameters during vehicle testing.

    Public utilities

    Monitoring river flow and discharge levels in the water and sewage treatment industries.

    Civil engineering

    Monitoring cure temperature of poured concrete structures.

    Environmental monitoring

    Monitoring temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, solar power and other environmental parameters in ecological studies.

    Additional Applications Notes