• SquirrelView Software

    Easily programmed using the all-new SquirrelView software and all-new Squirrel sq data loggers, you get instant access to jam-packed features. Everything from standalone portable data logging, to a fixed online monitoring system measuring a host of parameters and instant data access. SquirrelView lets you to set up the logger and start recording in a few clicks.

    Whatever your level of data logging experience, set up simple or advanced acquisitions, record, view and analyse your data quickly and easily.

    Instant data access, instant data analysis

    • Powerful and easy to use functionality for complete analysis and configuration
    • Upgrade your system channel expansion links loggers and combines data from each logger model
    • Coming soon! CFR 21 part 11 fully featured versions of the software with analysis – available in 2022!


    To download the professional version software or to request an upgrade click here.


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