• LMC-4200R benchtop centrifuge with refrigeration

    The Grant-bio LMC-4200R is a low speed modern benchtop centrifuge with refrigeration, which provides temperature control of biomaterial during cell suspension separation.

    It is designed for operation with microplates and tubes from 10 to 50 ml.

    The benchtop centrifuge with refrigeration has a temperature setting range of -10°C to +25°C.  Interchangeable rotors for accommodating centrifuge tubes (10 to 15 ml or 50 ml) or microplates.

    • Spin speed: up to 4200 rpm for tubes, up to 2000 rpm for microtitre plates
    • Temperature setting range -10 to 25ºC
    • Timed operation (1 to 90 minutes), with automatic switch-off
    • ‘Soft-start’ and ‘run-down’ functions
    • Choice of interchangeable rotors for up to 12 centrifuge tubes or 2 microplates
    • Auto ‘IMBALANCE’ stop and warning diagnostics
    • Low noise level
    • Sturdy metal housing and lid, automatic imbalance switch-off and lid lock when centrifuge is running providing safe operation in your workplace
    • Effective acceleration (run-up up 15 sec) and deceleration ( run-down up to 30 sec)
    • Refrigeration rate inside the chamber under 10 minutes
    • Easy set-up of speed and time via 2-line LCD display and simple push buttons display of actual and set temperature, speed and time
    • Convenient interchangeable rotor for 6 or 12 tubes or 2 microplates (standard and deep well). Specify when ordering
    • The powerful and extremely quiet motor has a ‘soft’ start-up and run-down function to avoid jolting of samples
    • Compact design with small footprint – fits neatly into the workspace


    Life-science – universal applications for all centrifugation requiring a controlled temperature of biomaterial. Temperature control of the so-called “cold-shelf” is a gold standard for enzymologists and cell biologists because it ensures conditions necessary for reproducibility of sample preparation stage. Lack of temperature control at this stage can cause unpredictable results.


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    Adapter sets for R-12-10 (pack of 12)

    Part No


    BN-13-75 for vacutainers 2-5mL (ø13 x 75mm)
    BN-13-100 for vacutainers 4-8ml (ø13 x 100mm)
    BN-16-100 for vacutainers 8-9ml (ø16 x 100mm)

    Centrifuges – Accessories

    Benchtop centrifuges  LMC-4200R  low speed

    Part No



    R-6 interchangeable centrifuge rotor for 6 x 50 ml tubes, with cap, conical end ø29 x 115mm
    R-12-10 interchangeable centrifuge rotor for 12 x 10 to 15 ml tubes, rounded ends, no caps ø16x 105mm
    R-12-15 interchangeable centrifuge rotor for 12 x 15 ml tubes, with cap, conical end ø17x 120mm
    R-2 interchangeable centrifuge rotor for 2 microtitre plates Suitable for deepwell plates max dims 128 x 85.6 x 45mm (w x d x h)