• PMS-1000i Microplate Shaker

    The PMS-1000i microplate shaker provides reliable, regulated shaking for two or four microplates. With a speed range of 150 to 1000 rpm, the PMS-1000i can be adjusted to suit the application – gentle shaking to ensure that the well contents are not ejected, or more vigorous agitation for effective aeration across the small surface area of each of the wells.

    • Variable shaking speed: 150 to 1200 rpm
    • Direct drive mechanism and brushless motor
    • Set and display the speed (rpm)
    • Holds two or four microtitre plates
    • Quick and easy screw fitting of any standard-depth 96-
    • Continuous or timed operation, with automatic switch off
    • Platform for two microtitre plates supplied as standard. Platform for four plates (MPP-4) available as an option
    • Easy-to-use integral electronic timer ensure accurate count-down and repeatability of time-sensitive incubations
    • Quick and easy to use screw fittings keep the plates securely in position and allow fitting on any standard-depth 96-
    • Easy to read LED display clearly indicates time remaining on timed operations and speed in rpm
    • Simple graduated dial to adjust the speed to suit the application: – gentle shaking to ensure that the well contents remain in situ, or more vigorous agitation for effective aeration across the surface area of each well


    Suitable for mixing, incubation and cultivation of biological and chemical components in many life science disciplines including microbiology, cell and molecular biology, immunology and biotechnology. Specific applications include: immunoassays, HTS applications, colouration tests, binding of template DNA to silica-coated magnetic beads.

    The PMS-1000i avoids low signal caused by inadequate re-suspension of purified PCR products, helps ensure the correct optical density in each of the wells and helps achieve maximum yield and quality in production of plasmid DNA.


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    PMS-1000i – Platform

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    MMP4 Platform for four plates