• TS-DW – Deep well plate Thermoshaker

    A thermoshaker designed for shaking and heating of deep well plates. A multisystem principle, used in design of the thermoshaker allows it to operate as 3 independent devices:

    • Incubator
    • Plate shaker
    • Thermoshaker


    Life science applications, molecular biology, cell biology lab, cell lysis, DNA isolation and purification, sample preparation for PCR, pellet re-suspension, or any other method where you have many samples that need mixing in deep well plates.


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    TS-DW – Accessories


    Part No


    B-2A Block for one deep-well plate Axygen® 96/2200 µl
    B-2E Block for one deep-well plate Eppendorf® 96/1000 µl
    B-2S Block for one deep-well plate Sarstedt® 96/2200 µl
    B-2SL Block for one deep-well plate Starlab® 96/1200 µl