• IQ/OQ/PQ Documentation

    IQ/OQ/PQ Documentation

    More and more we are being asked by users of Grant scientific and Grant-bio equipment for documentation to support in-house installation, operational and performance qualification (IQ/OQ/PQ).

    The Grant IQ/OQ/PQ documentation that we offer is made up of:

    • Documentation for IQ/OQ – Installation Qualification – instrument has been delivered and installed in accordance with manufacturer’s requirements
    • Operational Qualification – instrument is functioning in accordance with its specification
    • Documentation for PQ – Performance Qualification – instrument is continuing to meet its specification

    Each IQ/OQ documentation set is specific to individual serial numbered equipment. We recommend purchasing IQ/OQ documentation at the time of ordering Grant Scientific equipment. PQ documentation can be ordered at any time.

    IQ/OQ/PQ documentation offers users of Grant scientific and Grant-bio equipment the following benefits:

    • Offers equipment user greater comparability and verification with their instruments
    • Simplifies installation and maintenance procedures
    • Reduces common user errors
    • Builds a clear record of an instrument’s performance throughout its life

    Available for Grant scientific and Grant-bio equipment.

    Please contact Grant sales desk by telephone +44 (0)1763 264741 or email  for more information and prices.